The RARE FRUIT COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (RFCI)founded in 1955 is a non-profit organization organized to promote the development and use of tropical fruits in South Florida. The RFCI is headquartered in Miami, Florida and has chartered several chapters and affiliate fruit clubs. Florida’s benign climate is conducive to growing many tropical fruits that cannot be fruited anywhere else in the continental mainland United States. So great has the interest grown in the many delightful fruits of the tropics, that the Rare Fruit Council Int’l. (RFCI), Miami has been instrumental in obtaining superior varieties of tropical fruits from other countries, selecting meritorious plant materials from the local area, to growing and fruiting these fruits successfully.

We also teach members and the general public methods of propagation and the cultural requirements of fruit trees. The Rare Fruit Council is indebted to its many worldwide members for donating seeds, scions and plant materials to achieve this goal. Our committee is grateful to all contributors whose efforts made the first edition of our Tropical Fruit Recipes cookbook a success and also to those who helped prepare the revised tropical fruit recipes.

1955 – William “Bill” Whitman & Salvatore Mauro via (FSHS) 

“The “Rare Fruit Council”, as the name implies, is a group devoted primarily to the study and advancement of the lesser-known tropical fruits which have not yet achieved economic importance or are not cultivated on a large scale in this country. It affords an excellent opportunity to assemble monthly, in a congenial group, those interested in this fascinating field of endeavor. The enthusiasm shown by this small gathering leads us to anticipate a bright future. It is hoped the Rare Fruit Council will continue to grow and its members, working as a team, make a permanent contribution to the advancement of tropical pomology around the globe, as well as in our own backyard” of South Florida.” – Whitman, Mauro (1955, Florida State Horticultural Society)

The RARE FRUIT COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL, Inc. (RFCI), founded in 1955 with headquarters in Miami, Florida, is the premier organization dedicated to the education, introduction, & promotion of rare tropical fruits. Through close ties with botanical collections and horticultural research centers worldwide, the RFCI has become a major international source of information regarding tropical fruits. The RFCI has introduced species or varieties of rare fruits into many parts of the world. In addition, the RFCI has been helpful in establishing the tropical fruit industry in the United States.

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