Mango: The King of Good Health

It’s the mango season. And we just can’t have enough of it. Small, big, yellow, green, mango comes in all sizes and is regarded as the king of all fruits. Mangos originated some 4000 years ago in India and are considered as the symbol of life and why you should include this pulpy, delicious fruit in your diet.

Six Decades with Tropical Fruit: Retrospect

The year 2019 marks the beginning of the sixth decade of The Rare Fruit Council International, Inc. (RFCI). Sixty-four years ago, the purposes of our Council were set by ten founders who met on March 11, 1955 to establish an organization for the promotion of tropical pomology in areas of suitable climate. A tropical fruit study group was formed, and later named Rare Fruit Council by Julia Morton, of the Morton Collectanea.

The Incredible Guava

Most of us who grew up in the tropics know a guava is perfectly ripe when you can smell it without even putting it to your nose.  The taste to some of us has been described as ‘part strawberry and part pear’.  Its juice is frequently referred to as ‘the nectar of the gods. Guava is also rated as a super food, a powerhouse of nutrients and a good source of energy. One low-calorie cup of this vitamin rich fruit contains a whopping 8 grams of fiber scored second to blueberries and right behind kale.