Our Rare & Exotic Tropical Fruit Recipes (our 6th edition) is the only cookbook in the world that is exclusively tropical fruits containing 410 recipes of 42 tropical fruits that grows in Florida each of which is described and illustrated in full color. Also included is information on calories and vitamins as well as directions for freezing, wine making, jelly making and preparation of fruit leather.

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TAIA heavy duty secateur.

We dare to make this statement

TAIA is Italy’s professional quality pruner for landscapers, grove owners, horticulturists, botanical gardens and home gardeners for all heavy duty pruning chores.

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* TAIA heavy duty pruner cuts branches cleanly and effortlessly every time.
* TAIA unique precision blades eliminate shattered branches to prevent disease.
* Cuts larger branches other pruners were not designed to do.
* Can prepare air-layers faster to conventional methods.
* Out-cut and outperform other pruners on heavy duty pruning jobs.
* TAIA will outlast other pruners that require replacement blades.
* Large heavy-duty bolt prevents wobble

It’s also the perfect gift for any occasion.
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Mail payment to:  RFCI. 14735 SW 48 Terrace.  Miami. FL. 33185

RFCI Tropical Fruit News Magazine Back Issues for Fruit Lovers and Commercial Growers

Our Tropical Fruit News (TFN) back issues are chock-full of valuable information on rare and exotic tropical fruits. Here’s your last chance to own a valuable collection of history before they are gone forever.

Back Issue Sets:

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60 issues…………$150
70 issues…………$210
80 issues…………Sold Out
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For further details, contact:  Maurice  ☏ (305) 554-1333 or e-mail: chino228@aol.com